Comic Book Grading Guidelines NY Value

I am not a professional grader nor do I claim to be one. Grading is subjective. I carefully review each book and based on the guidelines below I grade them. I think I am a fair grader and my feedback shows it. Thank you for considering a purchase from my cherished collection.

My Grading Guidelines:

Mint 10 to 9.9
The best possible existing condition of that comic book. An  extremely exceptional comic.
Only very minute printing and bindery defects or the most barely  noticeable handling defects present. It is very rare, especially in  older vintage comic books, to discover a comic in these grades as  they are virtually non-existent.
    Cover inks are exceptionally bright with high gloss.
    Interior pages must be white in color and supple to the  touch.
Nearmint+ / Mint 9.8
    This is close to mint with few minor defects
    Interior pages are almost always off-white/white or better
Nearmint+ 9.6
This is close to mint with some minor defects. Even though some  defects are allowed in 9.6 certain defects, such as tape, are never  allowed in this grade range.
    Slight stress on the spine.
    The staples themselves are generally centered clean with no  discernible rust.
    Maybe some minor color has chipped or flaked off the cover.
    The cover is flat with no surface wear. Inks are bright with  high reflectivity and very little fading. Square and sharp  corners with ever so slight blunting permitted.
    You can tell that this comic has been stored properly and  looks almost as new as the day it was printed.
    The smallest amount of creasing.
    All bindery tears are small.
    Only some binding and/or printing defects allowed.
    Cover is fairly well centered and firmly secured to interior  pages.
    Paper is supple and like new.
    Spine is tight and flat.
    Unobtrusive date stamps or arrival dates in pencil or ink  are acceptable.
    Many pedigree collection comics have a notation on the cover  or the interior of the comic and are considered a bonus to  collectors as they help prove the provenance of the comic
Nearmint to Nearmint- 9.4-9.2
This book is an excellent copy with great eye appeal.
    It is vibrant with supple pages.
    The spine may have a couple of very small stress lines that  break color.
    Minor creasing
    The spine is almost completely flat.
    The cover is relatively flat with almost minimal surface war  and the cover inks are generally bright with medium to high  reflectivity.
    The staples may show some discoloration, but it's not too  noticeable on first glance.
    The inside pages and covers usually will be off-white/white,  but can be cream/off-white with the absence of other defects.
Very Fine / Nearmint 9.0 to 7.5
9.0 - Very Fine / Nearmint +
8.5 - Very Fine +
8.0 - Very Fine
7.5 - Very Fine-
A VERY FINE comic book appears to have been read a few times and  has been handled with care. These grades allow for some more defects  than higher grades. Overall an above average copy and still very  collectible.
    Some of the above defects along with a small fold or crease  in the cover that breaks color.
    Some stress marks on spine.
    The cover has some slight surface wear but still has much of  its original gloss and there is nothing major wrong with it.
    Sun shadows, dust shadows and tanning can be darker and have  more of a visual impact than those in higher grades
Fine 7.0 to 5.5
7.0 - Fine / Very Fine
6.5 - Fine+
6.0 - Fine
5.5 - Fine-
This comic is definitely a read copy with handling wear, but can  still be a very desirable copy.
    It has stress lines on the spine and creases from the  opening and closing of the cover.
    This could have a light reading or subscription crease or a  rolled spine, but is not damaged enough to reduce the eye appeal  dramatically
    Some cover discoloration, fading in colors and soiling is  allowed.
    The cover and/or inside pages could have some tears and/or  folds.
    With the absence of many other defect, the cover can be  detached from one staple, but cover cannot be completely  detached from interior.
    Books with slightly brittle pages cannot grade higher than  6.5 and generally are even lower in grade.
    Pages and inside covers could be brownish but not brittle.
    Depending on the look of the comic, very small amounts of  tape could be acceptable in this grade.
Very Good 5.0 to 3.5
5.0 - Very-Good / Fine
4.5 - Very-Good+
4.0 - Very-Good
3.5 - Very-Good-
These books are complete, but can have major creases and a spine  roll.
    Cover gloss can be very low or sometimes no gloss at all.
    The inside paper quality can be low and small pieces of the  pages may be missing.
    Books with brittle pages cannot grade higher than 3.5 and  generally are even lower in grade.
    Books in this grade are almost always creased, scuffed,  abraded and soiled, but readable.
    A larager amount of tape is also allowed in this grade.
Good 3.0 to 1.8
3.0 - Good
2.5 - Good+
2.0 - Good
1.8 - Good-
Good is really a misnomer, but describes a comice that is still  readable with numerous.
    All the defects of a VG comic with more significant wear.
    The inside paper quality might not be good and pieces of the  pages may be missing.
    Books in this grade are almost always creased, scuffed,  abraded and soiled, but readeable.
    Large pieces can be missing from the cover.
    Long or many spine splits are possible.
    The cover and pages maybe detached but not missing and is  still in a "collectible" grade.
    A significant amount of tape may have been applied to cover  and pages.
    Book may be fragile.
Fair 1.5 to 1.0
1.5 - Fair / Good
1.0 - Fair
This book has seen much better days and tends to be heavily worn  and tattered.
    A copy of a comic in this grade has all pages and most of  the cover.
    A book in this condition is worn, ragged and unattractive.
    Heavy creases and folds are prevalent.
    Paper quality can be very low.
    The spine and/or cover may be completely split.
    Staples may be missing.
    Coupons cut from cover and or inside pages. Panels can be  clipped out.
    Parts of the front cover may be missing.
    Soiling, staining, tears, markings or chunks missing will  interfere with reading.
    Brittleness may be factor.
    Extensive amounts of tape are acceptable on the comic in  these grades.
Poor 0.5
It has major defects to the point that there is almost no  collector value.
    Copies in this grade typically will have pages and/or the  front cover or back cover may be missing.
    They may have severe strains or heavy cover abrasions to the  point where cover inks are gone.
    Heavy defacing with paints, varnishes, glues, oil, indelible  markers or dyes, etc.
    The inside pages can have extreme brittleness.
Incomplete 0.3 to 0.1
(Cover / Coverless / Single Wraps or Pages)
Thes designations are only used for the purpose of authntication.  Numerous collectors and comic fans will purchase coverless comics to  either read or to obtain a filler copy of a book for their  collection.
Books that are coverless, but are oterwise complete, will recieve  a grade of 0.3 as will covers missing their interiors.
Coverless copies that have incomplete interiors, wraps or single  pages will receive a grade of 0.1 as will just front covers or just  back covers.
    Copies in this designation typically will in most cases be  beyond collectability to the majority of the hobby.
    Rare key comics and incomplete pages i.e. centerfolds are  considered to be valuable by the collecting community for either  restoration purposes or for individuals who just wish to own a  piece of comic history.