About Us

When I was a kid in the 1970's I would go to my local comic book store near me in Brooklyn, NY to pick up the latest comics for sale. I loved the artwork and even discovered that an artist for Marvel Comics lived right around the block from me.

My comic book business started in 2018 when I was cleaning up around the home and decided it was time to part with my collection. My dilemma was I knew that if I approached a dealer or store I would get next to nothing for it.

Luckily I have a good e-commerce skill set and I started going on forums and asking questions. I learned how to grade comics which was a key factor. I then developed a system to price the books to sell at a fair value to my customers. Being a collector myself I would like to think that when I make a purchase I am getting a good value basewd on market conditions.
What I did not realize is how much I would enjoy this business once it started and it wasnt too long before I started investing in purchases estates and other collections and taking this to a new level.

I try to keep my business as a personal experience and you are dealing with a collector who loves the hobby. I concentrate on Silver Age and Bronze Age Marvel Comics and DC Comics. But I have obviously expanded into Copper Age and Modern Age and of course Golden Age.

My company NY Value is basically about Comic Books and maybe one day I'll change the name to NY Value Collectibles.